Credit and Debit

What is the difference between Credit and Debit Cards.


Today I’m going to talk about the difference between credit and debit and which one is better to use. To start off you can have both credit and debit card, but which one should you use more then the other?


Well I suggest you use debit, because when you use your debit card to make a transaction, you are using your own money. Instead of using your credit card you are actually borrowing money from the bank and the more you use it the more your credit goes down. Say you do use your credit card and you have a low credit you can be able to build your credit up by paying back what you owe, don’t use your credit card, pay back a loan, and make a budget.


Also the better credit you have the more you can buy things in the future, for example a house and a car, just things like that. Afterwards a debit card is the most reliable money transaction you can use today! A reason why is because it is your own money you are spending instead of borrowing. Nothing bad happens to you when you use your debit card. Finally, this is some of the differences between credit and debit cards.


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