Wants and Needs

Identifying needs vs. wants for teenagers.


Today I’m going to identify the needs and wants for teenagers. Teenagers today are constantly needing and wanting things, but do they know which one is really important? Do they really want that? or I really need that? These questions are always asked by teenagers. Also there’s a difference between wants and needs, Lets find out why!


Teenagers are always seeing new popular things come in and out of this world and they WANT it to fit in . I’m going to tell you the wants. Teenagers want a new phone, new clothes, new shoes, and etc. so they can be up to date with the world and people their age, but why? Teenagers need to know that that’s not important to have all these new clothes, shoes, etc.. They need to know that in the future that new phone won’t matter to them a family will matter to them.

Also what will happen when the teenager doesn’t get what they want? Nothing will happen because they don’t need that to be happy in life.  They’ll realize that those things don’t matter to them. That’s why it’s so important to know what you WANT. You’ll have to work hard to WANT those things.


Now I’m going to tell you about the needs teenagers need. They need a house, water, food, family, love, etc. Now these are the important things teenagers NEED in their lives. The reason why these are important in a teenagers life is because no matter what they’ll always have these needs wherever they go in life. None of the wants will matter to them once they realize what really matters to them.

Also once they realize that they will be so thankful and grateful that they worked hard to have their NEEDS. They’ll have to work twice as hard to have the needs these needs in life. Teenagers will come to realization that they got upset for no reason when they didn’t get there. They’ll be thankful for that. Now there is the difference between the wants vs. the needs.


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