My name is Gabbie Jones, I go to Bishop Ward High School I am a junior. I’m the third generation to come to this school. I am involved with sports and school, I play basketball and I like to watch our schools football team on Friday nights. I am looking forward to be a dentist when I grow up, I just think its a good job to have and to learn about. I want to go to Avila College to proceed my dream of being a dentist.



Hello I am Brooklyn Castaneda. I am a junior at Bishop Ward High School. I am taking the Principles of Finance class here at BWHS. I have an older sister that come to Bishop ward as well, she is a senior this year. When i graduate next year I want to go to Wichita State University to get my nurse license and end up being an pediatric nurse as I get older. It is going to take me a while to get through all this schooling but I am going to try my hardest to get through it all and try help my parents pay for my schooling. I do have a job right now I work at Jimmy Johns. That is a good part time job for me being at the age of 16. They are very respectful of my school schedule and  how many hours I work every week.