Wants and Needs

Identifying needs vs. wants for teenagers.


Today I’m going to identify the needs and wants for teenagers. Teenagers today are constantly needing and wanting things, but do they know which one is really important? Do they really want that? or I really need that? These questions are always asked by teenagers. Also there’s a difference between wants and needs, Lets find out why!


Teenagers are always seeing new popular things come in and out of this world and they WANT it to fit in . I’m going to tell you the wants. Teenagers want a new phone, new clothes, new shoes, and etc. so they can be up to date with the world and people their age, but why? Teenagers need to know that that’s not important to have all these new clothes, shoes, etc.. They need to know that in the future that new phone won’t matter to them a family will matter to them.

Also what will happen when the teenager doesn’t get what they want? Nothing will happen because they don’t need that to be happy in life.  They’ll realize that those things don’t matter to them. That’s why it’s so important to know what you WANT. You’ll have to work hard to WANT those things.


Now I’m going to tell you about the needs teenagers need. They need a house, water, food, family, love, etc. Now these are the important things teenagers NEED in their lives. The reason why these are important in a teenagers life is because no matter what they’ll always have these needs wherever they go in life. None of the wants will matter to them once they realize what really matters to them.

Also once they realize that they will be so thankful and grateful that they worked hard to have their NEEDS. They’ll have to work twice as hard to have the needs these needs in life. Teenagers will come to realization that they got upset for no reason when they didn’t get there. They’ll be thankful for that. Now there is the difference between the wants vs. the needs.

Banking · Check

How to write a check? And why is it important?


I’m going to tell you how to write a check and why its important to write one. First to write a check make sure you or that person  has money in their bank account so the check doesn’t bounce, because if the check bounces you’ll have a fee and you’ll have to owe money back.

Next you write the printed amount in the upper right corner in the little box, also make sure you write the amount you are giving them close and big so no one can add more money to the check. Also write the amount in pen so no one can erase and change the amount of money you are giving away.

After you wrote the printed number of how much you are giving you have to have the written amount on the line to the left in words. Then you have to have the payee, that is who or where the check is going too. Also you will have to fill out the memo line on the check is for like for example a birthday gift, groceries, bills, and etc. That just helps to keep track of where you spent it.

After all you have written and printed those steps, the next steps is writing you signature, writing the date, coping down the check number, and writing down in your bookkeeping. These are all important because writing your name will let the bank its really your signature. Then writing the date and check number in your bookkeeping to keep track of what day you wrote that check and where that check is going. Also bookkeeping will keep track of where each check number went.

Credit and Debit

What is the difference between Credit and Debit Cards.


Today I’m going to talk about the difference between credit and debit and which one is better to use. To start off you can have both credit and debit card, but which one should you use more then the other?


Well I suggest you use debit, because when you use your debit card to make a transaction, you are using your own money. Instead of using your credit card you are actually borrowing money from the bank and the more you use it the more your credit goes down. Say you do use your credit card and you have a low credit you can be able to build your credit up by paying back what you owe, don’t use your credit card, pay back a loan, and make a budget.


Also the better credit you have the more you can buy things in the future, for example a house and a car, just things like that. Afterwards a debit card is the most reliable money transaction you can use today! A reason why is because it is your own money you are spending instead of borrowing. Nothing bad happens to you when you use your debit card. Finally, this is some of the differences between credit and debit cards.